Welcome to our website!

 We are a registered UK charity (registration number 1133056) located both – in the East in India and in the West in the UK.

We work with ideas and practical solutions to connect the east and the west based on equality. Connections between science and spirituality, Connections with solution orientated understanding between the global North and the South.

We also delve deeper into debates on issues that mankind has been tussling with and continues to of global inequalities, of Science and Spirituality needing to find new ways and expressions, of exploring the New Renaissance, of the fine boundaries between Art and Science., of Freedom and Trust and of the ultimate power of networks .

We do this through the various programs and events that we organize. We also do this by facilitating links between practitioners and organizations and movements who are engaged in transformation at every level.

Earthlinks event Wholeness in Three Panels: Process and Pilgrimage latest: Click here for photos, presentations and articles.


4 Responses to “Welcome to our website!”

  1. Great site! lookin forward to more events!

  2. Looking forward to the workshops, LT

  3. Carole Nicholls Says:

    I would like to book onto the afternoon workshop on 29th November. Thanks Minni

  4. Jagadeesh Kini Says:

    Minni-I hope you are doing well. You have the courage to dream, and the perseverance to achieve your dreams!
    Your wellwisher, always.

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